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Consolidating, Streamlining & Scaling Your DSO’s IT Infrastructure: How InTech Together Makes Growth Simpler and Smarter

The Magic Act of Disappearing IT Hassles

Imagine this: a typical Thursday at your dental practice. You’re in the middle of a delicate procedure when, suddenly, the computer system flags an error. Appointments are piling up, patients are waiting, and your front desk is on the verge of chaos. Sounds familiar? This is where InTech Together steps in, not just to extinguish fires but to remove the flint and tinder altogether.

Our motto, “We Grow With You!” is a promise to simplify, centralize, and scale your IT needs as your dental service organization (DSO) expands. Here’s how we do it:

1) Handing Off IT Hassles With Confidence:

Simplifying Support

Forget juggling multiple IT vendors or drowning in an ocean of invoices. At InTech Together, we consolidate your IT needs into a single, streamlined service. With us, you’ll have one “wringable neck”—ours—so you can focus on your work and your family, not on IT crises.

Growth & Standardization

Whether you’re adding a new practice or upgrading your existing infrastructure, our solutions grow and adapt with you, ensuring consistent service no matter how big you get.

2) Proactive vs. Reactive: The InTech Approach

Managed Conversions at Your Speed

We manage your tech transitions at a pace that suits your organization, minimizing downtime and disruption.

Reduce Downtime, Increase Smiles

Downtime in a DSO isn’t just annoying—it can be costly. Our dedicated service desk and nationwide onsite support mean issues can be swiftly and efficiently tackled, keeping your operations smooth and stress-free.

3) Nationwide Onsite Support: We’re There Wherever “There” Is

No matter where your offices are located, our nationwide reach means we’re always nearby. Whether it’s a routine check or an urgent fix, we provide the same level of expert, reliable service across the board.

4) Protecting Your Investment and Your Peace of Mind

Your IT infrastructure is a significant investment, and protecting it is a top priority. We ensure your business continuity is robust, your data is secure, and your systems are up-to-date, shielding your practice from both digital and physical threats.

5) We Offer Training Too!

Transitioning to a new IT system can be challenging, but with our comprehensive training, your staff will feel confident and equipped. We handle the tech-heavy lifting, letting you focus on what you do best—dentistry.

6) Addressing Common Pain Points with a Smile

From ensuring business continuity and cost-effectiveness to providing visibility and stability amidst rapid growth, our solutions are designed to address the specific pain points of DSOs. We understand the challenges of scaling and offer scalable and affordable IT support to meet these needs.

Conclusion: Your IT Growth Partner

At InTech Together, we’re more than just your IT provider; we’re your partner in growth. As your practice expands, our services evolve to meet your changing needs. Remember, when you choose InTech Together, you’re not just getting an IT service; you’re getting a commitment to grow together.

Ready to simplify your DSO’s IT needs? Contact us today and let’s start growing together!

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