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What Makes InTech Together Your Right IT Partner

Navigating Dental IT with a Smile: The InTech Together Way

At InTech Together, we’ve literally been in your shoes. Founded from a dental service organization, we know the quirks of dental tech just as well as we know the pain points of IT transitions. When it comes to converting to Open Dental or tackling any dental IT challenge, consider us your expert guide—equipped with dedication unmatched in the industry.

We Speak Dental (and IT)

Transitioning to Open Dental isn’t just about new software; it’s about transforming the heartbeat of your DSO dental practice. Our team isn’t here to bombard you with tech jargon; instead, we translate IT solutions into the language of dental success. From reducing the dental office IT support cost to streamlining your operations, our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of dental service organizations.

Your Next Chapter with Open Dental

Imagine Open Dental as the superhero your practice deserves, swooping in to save the day—cape optional. Embarking on this journey with InTech Together means setting yourself up for a future where practice management isn’t just easier—it’s also enjoyable. Whether it’s a pano machine meltdown or a tricky server issue, our team handles it all.

Facing IT Adversities Together

We’ve Walked Your Path

Our core philosophy, “We’ve Been in Your Shoes,” is not just a slogan—it’s the foundation of how we approach every IT challenge. Whether it’s the chaos of a full server crash or the frustration of configuring network printers, we address each issue with a deep, personal understanding. This empathy stems from our own experiences within the dental industry, where we’ve encountered and overcome these very obstacles. At InTech Together, we don’t just offer solutions; we offer solutions forged from the fires of firsthand experience, ensuring that when IT adversities arise, you have a partner who truly understands the stakes and knows precisely how to handle them.

Seamless Support Without Surprises

Choosing InTech means never having to wonder who to call when the unexpected strikes. With zero-dollar onboarding and no contractual lock-ins, we pride ourselves on providing transparent, effective solutions designed for the unique rhythms of dental practices. Our dedicated service desk specialists are just the beginning—expect nationwide next-day onsite support, confident project installations, and a strategic approach to managing your IT that truly understands the dental context.

Join Us On The Bright Side of Dental IT

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to make your IT transitions as pleasant as a patient’s post-whitening smile? With InTech Together, you’re choosing a partner who not only promises to alleviate your IT woes but does so with a relatable touch that resonates with the daily life of a dental professional. Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming your IT from a necessary evil into a powerhouse of productivity and support.

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How InTech Together Can Help Your DSO


From managed cloud backups to antivirus, malware and security patch management; we have you covered when you need it most.


We understand the stress of x rays going down while you have patients in the chair. This is why we solve critical issues like this within 4 hours 99.8% of the time.


We take your existing IT Platform As-is and grow with you. We help with project management and annual hardware reviews. 

We Have Been In Your Shoes

Our leadership team has over 2 decades of DSO experience. Each year, we help our DSOs safe guard more than $XXX,XXX in revenue due to our systems and processes. 

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How It Works

Through our Proven Process, we have helped more than 190 DSOs achieve their IT vision.

01. Visioning Meeting

Get clarify into your IT situation.

02. Engineering Meeting

Align on the IT plan

03. Onboarding Date Set

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InTech Together

What Makes Us Unique

You don't need to be the expert in everything to have an IT partner that supports your operations reliably.


We have recruited our team from DSO’s. We understand how to build scalable solutions while still being budget conscious.


We have over thirty years of dental IT experience. Let us focus on supporting your dental IT needs, as you focus on supporting your patients.


We work with all dental practice, from newly built practices to practices that have been operating for over thirty years. We will take you where you are and propel you to the next level.